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Procedures for the purchase of a property

The agency as well as select and propose the properties, handles all the negotiations relating the conclusion of buying a property, inside our organization there are;

  • Legal consultants , lawyers who speaks English fluently and can follow the client during the phase of the sale;
  • Technical consultants who takes concern of the valuation of the property, technical research, planning and restructuring, interior designing, with possibility to see the property (rendering photorealistic) to be carried out or restructured in 3D and insert the furniture as the client wishes.
  • Companies that deal with the restructuring and construction with delivery of the turnkey.
  • Tax consulting regarding payment fees on the property, or in case of leasing research for clients and the handling of all paperwork relating the contract.
  • Agreements with various stores for the purchase of furniture.
  • Agreements with hotels, camping and bed & breakfasts and restaurants for your permanence in Italy.

After viewing the property, if the client is interested he will sign a purchase order with the indication of the price he intends to pay, the date of the pre agreement and the amount paid, the date of the final sale and purchase agreement, the client will leave the agency an amount equal to the 10% of the whole price of the property which will be held on deposit by the agency until the pre agreement will be determined.

The purpose for the deposit is to block the property you are interested in and the proprietor signing the proposal undertakes not to sell to anyone else the property.

If the proprietor does not accept by the date indicated on your proposal the deposit will be refunded.

The proprietor of the property will examine the offer and will sign, then we will proceed to the preliminary sale.

The agency will verify that the property is free from servants, mortgage preemption rights or other obligations , that there are no problems in urban and cadastral documents.

Whenever the client needs a mortgage we will contact the bank that will provide the client a consultant who will set out convenient solutions for the purchase.

The agency for the work as fee for brokerage will receive a sum equal to 3% + tax of the amount paid for the purchase of the property.

In Italy, the brokerage fee is paid by both sides the buyer and the seller. This work can only be carried out by agents registered as mediators held at the chambers of commerce.

After the signing of the preliminary agreement we will provide all necessary assistance before the notarial act and will be present at the time of the final stipulation.

Services offered to clients

The agency offers many services using expert consultants presentin its own structure and partnership with different sectors.

  • Selection properties for their clients
  • Booking hotels, bed & breakfasts or apartments
  • visit the properties with interpreter guide
  • Assistance for the purchase and verification of properties
  • cadastral and mortgage certificates and technical consulting
  • assistance for the release of the documents necessary for the purchase: tax code, opening bank account meetings with the notary
  • Legal consultancy
  • Financial consulting for mortgage and research for institutions with conventions
  • Technical consultancy , planning and restructuring properties
  • Consultancy for interior design
  • Delivery of the turnkey
  • Procedure for connection to electricity ,telephone ,water
  • Property maintenance cleaning, gardening services etc..
  • Services concerning payments of utilities and taxes on the property in Italy
  • Research for clients to lease the property purchased in Italy
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